Open House Success: Tips for Hosting a Memorable Property Showing

Open House Success: Tips for Hosting a Memorable Property Showing

Why is it essential for property owners to host open houses? They are, essentially, one of your best tools when trying to sell a property. Not only does an open house give your home visibility, but it attracts potential homebuyers to your doorstep.

To add to the list of reasons to host an open house, it's also a great way to reduce your marketing costs. More eyes on your home in a shorter span of time makes for a faster sale. It's just that simple.

If you're planning an open house in the near future, here's how to make it a memorable experience.

1. Share the News

The first, and most important thing you need to do before any open house is to update your listing and ensure everyone knows you're hosting one. Make sure it's advertised on the MLS (multiple listing service). This way, your open house will show up on third-party sites and have a far greater reach.

A week prior to your property showing, make sure you've updated the listing and include the open house time, date, address, and a Google Maps link. Ensure you market your open house across all social media channels and even send out an email invitation to your list of contacts.

2. Help Homebuyers Find You

Get your open house off to the best start by making an effort to guide homebuyers toward the property. Set up a few open house signs along some of the busiest roads and intersections in the neighborhood--make sure your signage includes arrows pointing to the right house.

Another great way to capture attention is to use balloons or display flags outside the front of the home. Put them in a visible place such as along a porch railing or a fence line.

3. Ensure the Property is Pristine

It goes without saying that the property on show must be in the best condition possible. This means staging a house to sell which involves cleaning, tidying, and arranging furniture so that the home looks and feels its best. Don't forget about the curb appeal of the property too, i.e. sweeping the sidewalk, pruning the garden, cleaning windows, etc.

In order to make the space all the more inviting, add a few bouquets of fresh flowers throughout the home, light some candles, and hang a large door wreath.

4. Capture Attention at the Sign-In Table

The sign-in table is the perfect spot to capture the details of all potential homebuyers in a streamlined and professional manner. It's also a great way to share information about the property and leave a lasting impression.

Set up your sign-in table with contact cards, brochures, and the opportunity to view a virtual staging of the home. Virtual house tours are a great way to show off the future potential of the home if homebuyers want to visualize the space when it's empty, or with a few upgrades.

It's also a great opportunity to offer snacks, such as savory bites, mini cupcakes, freshly baked cookies, and branded drinks. Setting up a coffee/tea station as guests enter the home is a simple, yet inviting touch.

Need Help Hosting Open Houses?

If you're a property owner and feel intimidated by the idea of hosting open houses, then we're here to help. Not only does PMI Property Management offer expert property marketing, but we can help you get your home in tip-top shape, too.

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